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Generate High Value Business Content in Minutes

reKnow is an AI-powered content generation service that transforms complex content into easy-to-understand and engaging content.

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Brandon Pugsley

A gamechanger for our clients. Content’s created fast, it’s easy and we’ve significantly lowered acquisition costs. Couldn’t recommend them more

Brandon PugSley- AGIle ADz

Why work with us

It’s frustrating when you're in a meeting and you're not on the same page. It's even more frustrating when you have to decipher what your team member is saying because they seem to be speaking another language. With reKnow, that frustration is a thing of the past!

High Value Business Content

Writing complex business documents is a difficult task that takes a long time and can be expensive. Let our AI help you write the first draft in minutes.

Risk Mitigation

Improve staff compliance by using plain language versions of complex business documentation and reduce organisational risk. 

Rapid Deployment

Our solution allows organisations to rapidly and cost-efficiently generate complex business content via AI content generation tailored to the needs of each enterprise.

Improve communication and understanding

reKnow is a revolutionary AI-powered software that transforms complex business content to make it simple.

Save time and money with better content

reKnow was built with one goal in mind — to provide high-quality, professional content that would save your staff time and effort in generating content.

Free up your team to do more important tasks

Generate the first draft of high value business documentation, such as reports, proposals and marketing material in a fraction of the time it takes to write these documents manually.

Save staff time, and improve understanding, by simplifying complex documentation

Documentation is time-consuming and not always easy to do. When it's done well, it provides a high return on investment and mitigates risk. This is why companies invest in providing plain english versions of complex documentation to make them easier to understand and improve compliance.

Never be stuck for words again

reKnow does all the work for you - create engaging, high quality, and understandable content in minutes, saving valuable staff time and improving communication.

About us

The reKnow team has extensive experience in Information Management and system simplification working with governments and corporations alongside our experience delivering an AI content generation platform.

This is a rare and highly specialised skillset that uniquely qualifies us to work with large organisations to lift their productivity for mission-critical compliance communication and complex business documentation.

We’d love to talk about what matters to you...